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Animal Cams Can Reduce Stress

Jellyfish Can Calm

Reduce Stress using Animal Cams

During the Coronavirus Quarantine, many suddenly found that their regular coping skills (sports, gym, socializing, etc.) were no longer available.  One way to help calm your nerves is to watch Animal Cams.  Below are links to several free animal cams.  The Jellyfish are particularly calming:

Monterey Aquarium Jellyfish Cam

Georgia Aquarium Beluga Whale Cam

Monterey Aquarium Sea Otters Cam

Brooks Falls Brown Bears

Farm Sanctuary Sheep Barn Cam

San Diego Safari Park Burrowing Owl Cam

San Diego Safari Park Elephant Cam

San Diego Zoo Polar Bear Cam

Counseling Can Help

Counseling can also help support you during stressful times.

It’s time to heal…

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