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Couples Counseling

Lesbian Couples Counseling DenverDo you and your partner seem to be growing apart or fighting more often than you would like? What would your relationship be like in a year from now if you began getting professional help for navigating the thorny issues that seem to keep you both stuck? Suzanne can provide couples counseling to help you understand what has happened to your relationship and help it heal.

Difficult Issues in Relationships

Usually at some point in their relationship, couples often come up against issues that they can’t seem to solve on their own.  These issues may include:

    • Growing apart
    • Communication
    • Infidelity
    • Chores
    • Sex
    • Quality time
  • Money
  • In-laws
  • Fighting about the same things over and over
  • Resentment about past wrongs
  • Addiction

Couples Counseling Can Improve Your Relationship

How Relationship Therapy works

As discussed above, many couples seem to get caught in a negative relationship cycle where they replay the same pattern over and over.  One common pattern is the Pursuer – Withdrawer pattern.  Specifically, one partner may begin to withdraw from the relationship and in response the other partner begins to pursue that partner with more intensity.  Consequently, that intensity may cause the withdrawing partner to further retreat. As a result, the couple is stuck in a pattern that seems to become more entrenched.

Couples counseling helps identify and then change these entrenched patterns that keep couples stuck.  For example, couples therapy can involve slowing down interactions to explore what each person is experiencing on a deeper level.  Many times couples discover that each partner desperately wants to be closer and feel safe.  However, each partner may find themselves at a loss on how to bring about these goals on their own.

Couples counseling can help you sort through these issues; helping you learn how to improve your relationship and help you manage conflict in a constructive way.

Couple Therapy Benefits

    • Benefits of couples counseling may include:


          • Improved communication
          • Controlled anger management
          • Restored trust
          • Enable forgiveness
          • Recovery after an affair
      • Feeling loved and appreciated
      • Redevelop connection
      • Restoration of sexual intimacy
      • Response to addiction
      • Tools to work through conflict

Denver Marriage Counseling

Resources for Couples Counseling

For more information on couples counseling, please see the books that are included on the Counseling Resources page.  Also on this page are links to information of self-compassion, mindfulness recordings, and bilateral music.  These tools can help regulate the body’s nervous system and keep us grounded when working with difficult issues with our partner.

It’s time to heal…

I provide the support couples need in working through challenges in their relationships through use of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and the Gottman Method.

Please contact me at (720) 443-1480 or email me to schedule a couples counseling appointment.