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Coping Skills Tool Box

Coping skills are important tools in the treatment of trauma as well as for the coping with everyday stress and frustration.   You can use them to prepare for difficult conversations or to adjust to life’s difficulties and transitions.

How to Use Coping Skills

Its important to have plenty of different tools to emotionally cope with life.  Just like the maintenance of a home, some problems need different tools (hammer vs. screwdriver) than other problems.  Some days the same problem needs a different tool (drill) than the day before (screw driver).  If one tool doesn’t work, try another.

The tool box below includes a list of skills  that you can use, depending on your goal in the moment.

List of Emotional Coping Skills

Counseling Can Help

Counseling can  be used along with the Coping Skills Tool Box to help you cope with the hardships that occur in life and to help you heal.

It’s time to heal…

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